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PulStar Technology takes the
fear out of chiropractic care!

State of the Art Technology

Introducing PulStar Technology
A Spinal Analysis and Adjusting system that helps our
chiropractor easily see and adjust the problem
area without physically twisting and cracking the patient.


Don't let aches and pains
keep you from enjoying life


Don't let aches and pains
keep you from enjoying life

We are Gaumer Chiropractic

Trusted Chiropractic Care Since 2014

Dr. Eric Gaumer believes in personalized care based on your health needs. Utilizing the PulStar Technology, he will help you get back to your normal routine in no-time.

Gaumer Chiropractic's mission is to provide personalized care on an as-needed or preventative basis. We are a full-service chiropractic facility, including an assessment of your current health condition, digital x-ray technology, neuromuscular stimulator and PulStar multiple impulse therapy customized to your needs, all in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. After your initial appointment, office visits may take 15 minutes or less. We have created a practice that we would choose for our own family members.

Dr. Gaumer is a graduate of Western IL University and Palmer College of Chiropractic. Born and raised in Sterling, IL, he lives with his wife Carrie and four children in Morrison, IL. In his spare time, Dr. Gaumer enjoys watching storms (former storm chaser), volunteering at his church and spending time with his family. He is also a cancer survivor. Dr. Gaumer takes pleasure in helping patients prevent many health conditions by receiving regular chiropractic care.


Gaumer Chiropractic is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare Provider.

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Do I need Chiropractic?

If aches and pains are keeping you from enjoying life, we WILL help you find relief!


Headaches, Migraines, Joint Pain & Stiffness, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Arm/Leg Pain, Knee and Foot Pain, Disc Problems


Pelvic pain and other pregnancy related pain issues.

Nerve Pain

Relieve pain throughout the entire body with proper spinal alignment.

Sports Injuries

Treat common injuries that athletes encounter.

Our Services

We are thrilled to offer many different aspects of chiropractic care to help patients achieve wellness and optimal health.

Radiology Services

Our office has on-site digital x-ray imaging saving the patient time and money. Results are immediate and if needed may be sent to your physician's office.

PulStar Technology

The most advanced, non-invasive way to realign your spine. Through the use of computer analysis, a custom treatment is created. Using gentle electronic impulses a virtually pain free adjustment helps to realign the spine. Click on the link for a video demonstration of PulStar Technology.

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STIM Therapy

Electrical Stimulation uses an electrical current to cause a single muscle or groups of muscles to contract. By placing electrodes on the skin in various locations it helps to increase muscle strength and promotes blood supply to areas that need healing.

Children's Chiropractic

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